STORIES 14.06. 2017

STORIES 14.06. 2017

My little pony, Hannah.

Little Hannah, saved from euthanasia due to the disability with which she was born, successfully performed the intervention in Cluj of Dr. Christian Crecan, the implanted rod put her leg back in a normal position, the leg is not 100% functional but supports it . The time came to remove the rod and this happened in Braila, at Dr. Capatana Vetconsult.

Postoperatively, Hannah was assisted and monitored by Susy Utzinger’s team of extraordinary physicians Stiftung für Tierschutz. With so much involvement and a huge desire on our part for this creature to live, Hannah enjoys the sun’s rays, short walks, boundless pampering on our part.

Hannah turned 1 year old, a life that required huge financial efforts from the Help Labus association; the turmoil in our nostrils, the wailing of joy when he sees us are the wealth, the satisfaction of our soul.