LUNA AND TAZZ 03.06.2021

LUNA AND TAZZ 03.06.2021

Save to make people happy.

A beautiful lesson offered by Luna and Tazz, two puppies saved by Help Lăbuș. The two were abandoned, chased, blasphemed and left to starve on the streets of Galați, and now they are preparing to enter “educated” people’s homes. Luna and Tazz thus demonstrate that even orphaned maidans are intelligent and can learn commands. They were selected to be part of the project “Dogs for People” – Animal Welfare Education Center of the Animal Society,

and a few days ago, they “went down” to the City Hall. They met the mayor of Galați, Ionuț Pucheanu, and enjoyed the comforts of the employees of the Registry Service. We want these two puppies to start adoptions in our shelter. They are common breed dogs, but they show that they can be trained just like purebred dogs. We want these dogs to bring more joy to those who adopt them and to prove that these puppies blasphemed by some on the street can become true friends.

We truly thank the training instructor Donosa Lucian for his support and availability