You can contribute through an online donation. The money will be redirected in full to our pets.

Guardian angels for Labus!

The life and immediate well-being of the many hundreds of stray animals we help and protect depends on continuing the activity as before.

Therefore, we would be very grateful if you would think about them a bit and if you would later make a donation online, or in one of the accounts below:

LEI – RO67 RNCB 0141 0328 6277 0001
USD – RO13 RNCB 0141 0328 6277 0003
EUR – RO83 RNCB 0141 0328 6277 0004

Cod swift: RNCBROBU
BIC code: RNCB

We need your help, as many of you as possible.

Involvement means an aid to the acquisition of:

cages and shelters

animal food

various accessories

animal products