PAPUCICA 11/30/2018

PAPUCICA 11/30/2018

A new life for Papucica

We welcome him to the donkey family from the SUST shelter – Help Labus.

Used by a shepherd from Giurgiu County, Malu Spart, careless, her nails have not been cut for years, it was abandoned like garbage.

The incomparable Kuki Barbuceanu and Ovidiu Rosu managed to free her from her nightmare for years.

He no longer knows how to walk, he treads with fear, he will possibly be left with sequelae.

Everything is new for her: she learns to walk, she receives enough food and what is very important, she is surrounded by people who love her.

She has a very good character, she is good, shy and we love her very much.

We thank Susy Utzinger Stiftung für Tierschutz for the comfort, safety and well-being that we manage to provide to the donkey Slipper.

Carrots, apples, would be an extra energy for Papucica. We are counting on your help.