🐑🦙🐎🐄🥳🎊 In June there is celebration and joy at the farm from Ajutati l pe Lăbus! The celebrants with crowns are Zâna, who turned three years old, Hannah – seven years old, the calf Bebe turned two years old, and Meme a birthday boy. For all the participants we prepared a feast of honor, with their favorite vegetables and fruits, and for the celebrants we prepared crowns of natural flowers and wished them “many healthy years”, in the big Lăbus family!
I kiss you the sheep Suzica, Ioana, Mariuca, Lana, Nelutu, Cristinel, the donkeys Madona, Nuța, Fetita, Pamela, Cezar, Papucica, the horses Stelică and Veronica, the goats Bebelusa, Corina, Bulina, Florica, Jimmy, Culita, Mimi, Zara, Georgiana, Mieleș and the calves Bebe and Meme ❤️.
An unforgettable day, as we hope all anniversaries at Animal Farm are.
You can find the stories of the celebrations below: