🐶❤️ Spectacular transformation for Calvin, the puppy rescued from the mall parking lot, whom we struggled for three weeks to catch so we could help him.
Every day we notice remarkable changes that we want to share with you. Unfriendly at first, with serious skin problems, insulted by people because of the way he looks, Calvin gained trust in us; he knows that we want the best for him and that he is safe here at Labus. The skin is starting to heal and, recently, he also made a friend: Tatiana, the man from “Lăbus” who takes care of him and to whom he gives his full trust.
More than that, he also has a remote adoptive mother @Cornelia Petre who takes care of him every month, contributing financially to his care.




Forta Calvin, maybe soon you will have a family of your own 🙏🙏.